Native Roots Market Brings Fresh And Local To You

Dated: 08/03/2016

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Oklahoma City has really taken notice that proper nutrition and health is an important topic that is catching fire with the locals.  One such example is the ingenious concept of Native Roots Market located in the Deep Deuce area. Native Roots is bringing the concept of farm to table straight to the masses for the enjoyment of eating local and fresh. 

Fresh fruits, vegImage titlegies, local meat, and dairy fresh products line the shelves at this urban retro market. The concept isn't anything new, our ancestors knew the importance of clean eating and pesticide free food. Now that that demand is high in OKC for better options in food choices, we are seeing a surge in health conscience choices for the local crowd. 

Everyone has reached into the cabinet looking for just one bay leaf, or 1/4 teaspoon of tarragon only to realize they are out and are forced to buy a huge bottle of a spice they may only use a few times a year. No more is that a problem for the residents of OKC. Native Roots Market is known for their Spice Bar offering the ability to buy only what you need.     Image title

What started out as a dream by the owners on a cross country trip exploring the variety in grocery stores in the US, has turned into a local favorite for the residents of OKC.  Native Roots also features a deli where you can grab a quick breakfast or delicious lunch on the go.  Eating clean has never been more accessible or easy as it is for the downtown community and working professionals in the neighborhood. Image title

If you are looking for fresh food, wanting to support your local community and farmers, and enjoy a unique experience, head on over to Native Roots Market today! Click here for hours of operation and directions. 

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