Oklahoma City Is More Than A Town It Is An Experience

Dated: 03/02/2015

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 I have had a love for the Downtown Oklahoma City Area area since I was a young kid with my first job being in the downtown area. I use to take the Metro Transit to work and back each day,and there was never a time that I didn't feel safe. Everyone is more than friendly and very helpful. To ride on The Metro Transit each day  was more of an adventure as each day was different and I loved working in the downtown area . The energy that you feel is just unexplained , everything so fresh and so alive with excitement all the time ! 

It was always a treat  when my parents would come here to visit and we would wander through the concourse looking for something good to eat for lunch or grab something quick and just wander around the unique sites . By unique I am talking about the Will Rogers statues or the Life size Bronze Horse ,or  the water falls in Kerr Park where you could sit outside and have lunch while listening to live music. I

My parents  thought it was cool that I had a job and I thought it was cool that it was downtown ! At 18 you feel like a grown up all of a sudden because working downtown is grown up stuff. I admit  looking at my perception of downtown back then is nothing compared to downtown today.Our big attraction was the under ground Concourse , navigating 5 city blocks under ground, the live music every Tuesday at lunch and 1 Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurant. 

As the  Millennial Generation graduate from College ,Oklahoma City has found that in order to capture their attention and keep them here, you have to give them what they want and need in order to sustain life as they know it . From what I am seeing in urban development in the downtown area they are onto a fantastic start,with more in the works.

10 years ago young people were moving to the bigger cities Atlanta, Chicago.Phoenix ,New York,Washington DC because that's where the opportunities were. Oklahoma City was not even considered to be in the playing field . Oklahoma City has always been known as a Western Cowboy culture with tumbleweeds rolling across the town I believe our City planners recognized this a long time ago and did something to make a difference and improve our image as a Big Player. They listen to what the people of Oklahoma City and around the country want and they are planning and developing Oklahoma City to meet those demands. I would have never guessed that Oklahoma City would have Apartments in the downtown area ,it is recognized that young business professionals want to live close to where they work so Apartment buildings were built. As of the latest news 5 more towers to go up 27 story office building ,and a  26 story luxury apartment tower among them, Movie Row is also expanding.People are looking for family friendly activities more these days ,a place for family activities and Myriad Gardens is now home to out door movies, parks and certain times of the year Art Festivals. 

I am proud to call Oklahoma City my home and I am proud of the people that are making a difference and putting us back on the map. Oklahoma City has been my home since the early 1980's . I came here not knowing more than a 1 or 2 people which quickly changed as I entered the work force. The people and the energy that Oklahoma has is none other than the best of the best.I have always been proud to show off Oklahoma City and even more so now. 

Oklahoma City just keeps improving  as they are making so many improvements and attractions to keep the entrepreneurs here and attracting newcomers as we have more to offer.  The most exciting news is that the whole community is behind it ! 

When you are ready to move here and experience the excitement of the The Oklahoma City Thunder or The Experience of Downtown then give me a call or better yet fill out our Dream Home Finder and lets get you started ! You will not be disappointed in The place we call home or the service you receive from me and my Team at EXP REALTY 

Have a great Day !

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