Oklahoma Has So Much To Offer For Recreation

Dated: 03/02/2015

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Top Ten State Park Experiences

With such diverse outdoor recreation opportunities, how do you select from the 35 state parks in Oklahoma? This list of the top state park experiences in Oklahoma will help you find the perfect park for your outdoor escape.

Oklahoma has more water shoreline than any other state but did you know that we also have 35 State parks? Here is a list of the Top 10 State parks that each offer an unique experience,


Lake Murray State Park will always hold a place of endearment for me as that was a place my family and I would all meet and spend the week camping . 4 ,sometimes 5, families from 3 states all gathered here and we all had small children so you can imagine the sweet chaos that entailed.Chaos then ,but sweet y memories now ! It was a 3 generational, week long ,Moses Tent style camping stretched across three campsites on the water . That full week included Boat rides,water skiing ,tube riding,Sea Doo acrobats ,trail walking,nature crafts,a trip to Tucker Tower to explore and many other day filled activities.Of course there was an RV involved and that was base camp where all the cooking cleaning and fellowship took place ! We even misplaced a child or two on occasion as they wandered off ( that would be my son who wanted to run with the big kids! ) What great fun and great memories.

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