Puppicon Turns Your Pet Into A Peppy Icon

Dated: 09/08/2016

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OKC is home to the creator of Puppicon, Laura Wilcox, who turns your pet into an adorable icon capturing the essence of your best furry friend.

Image titleOnce your icon has been created you can take your fur baby anywhere with you

  • T-shirts

  • Water bottles

  • Mugs

  • Magnets and more are all just some of the options where you can post your pooch

Image title

Image title

Laura Wilcox, the founder and creator of Puppicon, is an accomplished Graphic Designer, Author, and Assistant Creative Director for a local PR Marketing firm.

Image title

What started as a side project creating fun irresistible images of her friends pet's, has turned into a money making Etsy business. Laura was also featured as the Best Author/Writer in the local 405 Magazine for her popular books in the Renegade series. So as you can see, this local talent knows her stuff. 

Image title

Image titlePuppicon doesn't just stop at puppies, for those of you who love felines and all things cat, Kitticon exists for you. Capturing the heart of the your precious kitty is something you can't resist when see just a few examples featured above.  One recipient of kitticon was so grateful to have her beloved Flash captured in the form of her icon, that she couldn't wait to put it on her mug for her daily coffee. 

Image titleIf you are still on the fence about getting a Puppicon, Laura Wilcox has offered a promotional code for OKC Hot Spot readers.  Use OKC25 for 25% off your order. 

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop in order to get started today! 

**Do you know a creative talent in OKC that we should feature? Message us over at our Facebook page and let us know of more great local talent!

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